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Performance: Hunger Games

22 September 2022
Ugly Duck
49 Tanner St, London SE1 3PL, UK
£4, 6.5, 10

*Doors 18:30, Start 19:00*

Hunger Games Under the Tablecloth, Part of a two-course tasting menu

A night of performance art! 

If all the food emojis (🥬🥑🍈🌶️) mean different queer attitudes to you, or if you often hear yourself saying “not in front of my salad”, explore more with our provocative performances centred around food. 

Queer food and hospitality are rooted in being outcasted by blood families or closest friends when coming out. Queer food is a story, a journey to finding acceptance. Queer food is not ingredients or labels, but rather the act of a performance! It's desire, disgust and other social and psychological modes of excess that straight culture often shames. 

Featuring mandla , kane stonestreet, Dolly Kershaw, Miss HerNia.

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