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with BSL interpretation
23 September 2022
Rich Mix
35-47 Bethnal Green Rd, London E1 6LA, UK
£4, 6.5, 10

Transfag A Celebration and Manifesto

Gay panic? Don’t panic, tonight we celebrate trans masculine faggots and their friends!

Cis gay men don’t have a monopoly on faggotry and the art of being gay, as a political statement as well as a sexual preference. Trans folx who identify as transfags have being stigmatised, poorly represented and misread in media and queer spaces — but the fight against assimilation is now accompanied by a renaissance of the term and this subculture.

This event will give a stage to the writers and performers who are leading the transfag movement in the UK and Ireland, exploring their definition of ‘fagginess’ and how it contributes to their work. Get ready for readings, performances, a Q&A and DJ set after.

Featuring D. Mortimer, Léann Herlihy, Jackson King, Jack Doyle, Kamari Roméo and Jetsun Shenkyong-ma.

Hosted by Lori lo Bianco.

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