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Pink Palace
Poison Ivy (1992)

21 September 2022
Rio Cinema (Basement bar)
107 Kingsland High St, London E8 2PB, UK

Fringe! Queer Fest joins forces with the Rio's own Pink Palace to present the 90's slutsploitation steamy classic POISON IVY starring a very young Drew Barrymore and Sara Gilbert, plus Charlies Angel star Cheryl Ladd.

"This culty erotic thriller received enough negative criticism from ignorant men when New Line Cinema released it in 1992, so I won't waste time confronting its apparent problems. I'll just write from my wicked little heart: I love Poison Ivy—but of course I love Poison Ivy, because I love the color red, and I love lots of rain in a movie, and I love horny melodrama. Director Katt Shea stuffs Poison Ivy with all three.

A teenaged Drew Barrymore plays Ivy, a poisonous teen and powerful slut. She befriends a weird girl named Sylvie (played by Sara Gilbert), and they begin a lesbianesque relationship. Not quite lesbian. But almost. Ivy quickly moves in with Sylvie (why? just because) and her parents, who own a pink castle. Sylvie's father is an editorialist, and Sylvie's mom is bedridden and hot. Ivy turns on the entire family, eventually murders one of them, fucks another, and spends the rest of the film tormenting the third" TheStranger.Com

A steamy mix of 90's noir, sultry soundtrack, glossy visuals, big hair, trashy storyline plus actually great performances, a fun script and a non typical very un-hollywood ending, and loads of lesbo-lust.

Although a flop on its cinema release, the film became a huge hit on the VHS home entertainment market, spawning two awful sequels and kicking off a whole slutsploitation genre of steamy b movies through the late 90's.

The film will be introduced by writer and sexplotation enthusiast Molly Miles.

Please note there are NO ads or trailers, the event starts at 7.30pm

These pop up screenings are presented in a casual relaxed setting in the basement lounge with a state of the art LED screen and Dolby sound, seating is provided on a mix of newly reupholstered chairs, wheel chair spaces and stools in an informal and intimate manner.

The screenings are a safe queer space and an open forum to stay and discuss the issues of the films afterwards. If you have any access questions please contact us, the basement is fully accessible by lift and has gender neutral accessible toilets.

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