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Pat Rocco Dared

with Captions
23 September 2022
Cinema Museum
2 Dugard Way, Renfrew Rd, London SE11 4TH, UK

UK Premiere

In the 1970’s Playboy magazine dubbed Pat Rocco the ‘King of the Nudies’, but he is much more than an erotic filmmaker. This charming doc reveals all about the activist, artist, and prolific purveyor of authentic documentation of LGBTIQA+ people over the 20th century. Rocco recorded the presence of the most marginalised communities at historical moments, like the first ever gay pride parade. This film offers a rare chance to hear from Rocco in his own words and see clips from restored versions of some of his rarest films. Just don't call it porn, honey...

dir. Morris Chapdelaine and Bob Christie  | Canada 2021 | 90’

CW: unsimulated sex, nudity

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