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Neptune Frost

24 September 2022
Barbican Cinema
Beech St, Barbican, London EC1Y 8AA, UK
£12, 11

Prepare to be transported by this transcendental, badass afrofuturist sci-fi punk musical! Set between the hilltops of Burundi, Rwanda and parallel dimensions, rebelling miners form an anti-colonialist computer hacker collective to take back their land and freedom. When an intersex runaway and a miner find each other, their connection sparks glitches within the greater divine circuitry, errupting in a creative collission revelling in queer revolutionary poetics.This genre-defying masterwork is an invigorating and empowering direct download to the cerebral cortex.

dir. Saul Williams, Anisia Uzeyman | USA, Rwanda 2021 | 105'

In Kinyarwanda, English, Swahili and French with English subtitles

Available in the UK from Anti-Worl

CW: depiction of sexual assault

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